0.1.6a - Project selection and more!

This is a fairly big update but the main takeaways are:

You can now create and select new project folders right from the UI.
Create a new clean slate for each of your experiments!
Read more about projects in the documentation

An early version of a web based remote controller is available.
Use it for high level control of Schéma from virtually any device.
Read more about how to use the Remote Controller in the documentation

OSCReceiver now supports receiving of colors.
Use it to better integrate Schéma in larger projects, for instance use it with a timeline such as Chataigne.

A single button to Save layout and content. The saved data will be loaded back when starting the same project.

A number of new Blocks are available, namely:

  • Modify.Value.Wave - Shape signals into various standard waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, ...)
  • Modify.Value.Shape - Shape signals into various tweens
  • Combine.Value.Boolean - Perform boolean operations on incoming values such as And and Or
  • Combine.Value.Compare - Compare incoming values (less than, greater than, equals)


  • Content save and load includes all layers.
  • Value is now displayed in the Schematic view. 
  • Ability to disable Intro and the whole UI through UI.Intro and UI.Enabled config values.
  • Combine.Crossfade has a selectable tween function
  • Create.Color.Pixel.Segment understands color inputs on top of value inputs
  • Various fixes, cleanups and internal API improvements.

Full changelog available here


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Oct 09, 2020

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