0.1.4a - USB DMX Output and Category revamp

Use cheap USB DMX converters and understand categories better

With this update Schéma adds support for two popular types of USB DMX converters. The Enttec USB DMX Pro and any converter using the OpenDMX standard. This of course includes the Enttec OPEN DMX USB but also many other cheaper offerings, like this one from soh.

The second major part of this update concerns the category names. Me and many others I talked to felt the names were confusing and hard to decypher for laypersons.

With the new names in place it should be clearer to understand the purpose of Blocks in each category. Each name is now a verb, which puts the full Block names sometimes closer to actual meaningful sentences, eg. Create.Color.Flash,  or Convert.Value.ToColor.

The changes are as follows:

  • Operator -> Combine
  • Source -> Create
  • Gate -> Filter
  • Effect -> Modify

Read the Block documentation to learn more about all of the categories.

On top of this, the Robe Pointe is now supported natively and color wheel matching logic was improved.

For a full list of changes, read below.


  • DALInet Output: Added GRB mapping
  • Categories renamed
  • Removed Director.Globals.Primary
  • OpenDMX Output plugin added
  • Enttec DMX USB Pro Output plugin added
  • DMX: Robe Pointe now supported
  • DMX: Color wheel matching improved
  • UI: Support now opens with F5 instead of F4 to prevent accidental opening when trying to close the app


scenic.tools Schéma 0.1.4 alpha (Windows 7+) 30 MB
Jun 16, 2020

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